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  • Producto: TW一682AM Two Cold & Two Hof Bac冲art Moulding Machine
  • Modelo: C-012
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The machine is suitable far back part moulding of hot melt countershoes; it is the best choosing far high qual两shoes, woman shoes, men shoes;children shoes and hoot.
A LED position light projector can make sure precision position of back part.
Control independently pincers of inside and outside waist; and oblique-pulling pincers function in hat station and cold station, easy and quick adjusting
Cold mould equipped with wipe device and can do rotating in 18U degrees, suitable for sandal, moccasin shoe and so on.
Cold mould and hot mould fast change, equipped with fixing device of cold mould and hat mould back part, suitable for sandal
The outside of cold rubber mould equipped with airbag, ensure the best effect cold moulding.
Hot mould using silica gel material, hot mould temperature can raise up to 180 degrees, cold mould temperature can go dawn-10degrees,the vamp more attached the last after moulding.



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